Ordering your custom apparel is easy!

Here's an overview of the process:

  1. Decide on what kind of apparel you want (Click here to browse our pricing and full product range). Need help deciding? We're happy to help!
  2. Contact one of our friendly sales representatives to discuss your specific needs.
  3. Send us your logos and design requirements. We create three unique design proposals from based on your preferred colors and/or logos. Don't have any idea about the design? No problem- we will create professional design proposals for your consideration at no extra cost! Don't have your logos in vector format? No problem- we can offer assistance in rendering logos as well.
    We want you to have the perfect design, which is why we do not charge extra for design work or re-work. Alternatively, you can choose to send us a finished design, in vector graphic format.
  4. Decide which sizes are right for you. Simply use our online fitting charts or request fitting samples at no charge.
  5. Decide whether you prefer to use our customized online storefront for your order, or use a traditional order form. Once your order is confirmed, we produce and ship it to your door in 6 weeks. Shipping is FREE within the US*.

* Free shipping does not apply to drop-shipped orders.




9 total items, 3 minimum of each item/gender. Hundreds of combinations, lots of freedom. Here are just a few examples:

  • 9 men's cycling jerseys
  • 4 men's tri tops, 5 men's tri shorts
  • 3 men's tri tops, 3 women's tri tops, 3 men's cycling jerseys
  • 3 men's tri tops, 3 men's cycling jerseys, 3 men's running t-shirts
  • 3 men's cycling jerseys, 3 men's cycling shorts, 3 winter cycling jackets
  • 3 men's tri tops, 3 men's tri shorts, 3 women's tri tops, 3 women's tri shorts
  • 3 men's short-sleeve 1-piece suits, 3 men's tri tops, 3 women's tri shorts

Don't have enough athletes to meet minimums? You can still get your custom tri apparel with Epix Gear through X-clusive: our individual customization program. Click here to learn more


With our high-quality products, full-service design and free shipping, Epix offers a great value. In order to best accommodate your specific needs, please contact one of our sales reps for pricing information, or view our price list.




We offer a full range of cycling, triathlon, and running apparel for customization. Click here to browse our product line.



Our normal lead time is 6 weeks from time of order confirmation, depending on order size and design work required. January-March is peak season- please place your order in advance if possible. While we do not offer any express service, if you have a very time-sensitive order, please let us know at the outset and we will try our best to accommodate your requirements at no additional charge.

Have more questions? Check our FAQ page or contact us.